I was offended by a puff piece recently about that charlatan climate cabalist, James E. Hansen, in the local rag (by a NYT POS). Perhaps you are aware of my arguments debunking man-made global warming or climate change. Here's something new I've been thinking ---

Most people I've encountered that believe our CO2 is responsible for climate change can't even explain how it is supposed to work. Sad. The whole thing is extremely weak on its face. It even requires we not be in a cooling period in order to work, ... if it could. Cooling plus a lesser rate of cooling cannot result in warming. But I've jumped ahead. Who says the premise is about a rate of cooling? Who says the "theory" isn't about a rate of warming? Who says it is not even really about temperatures, but it is about changes in temperature per unit of time? Who says the perps never address these points as a real scientist would? Who says that, instead of truth and reason, we get melting ice, dying polar bears, rising seas, and other scare stuff? What anxieties and neuroses are being created, especially in our young people?

Will we all be forced by our social engineers to buy gas guzzling SUVs when we enter a severe and prolonged cooling period? Anyone asking?

But there's more. Much more.

Time to blow your mind.

What do you know about 'black body radiation?' It's in the or is the infrared spectrum and supposedly, along with CO2, responsible for global warming. Now if you've been under a sun lamp or around a heat lamp, they give off infrared radiation, IR. That kind of radiation heats from the outside in. The climate cabalists claim that CO2 "traps heat" (at two(?) of those IR wavelength among a bunch. Think perhaps of two AM radio station in the whole AM band). What do the climate charlatans mean? (See, Samantha, I know some 'c-words' too). Well, they have this laboratory expirement that shows that CO2 makes certain infrared wavelengths disappear. From that, they conclude CO2 "traps heat." But there is no heat until the required wavelengths encounter some mass. For example, there is no heat as the same IRs at those special or any wavelength travel all the way from the sun to the earth.

(Note: The reduced or "missing" (almost missing? How about significantly attenuated?) wavelengths and the relation to CO2 were first observed, I believe, while noting the "missing" incoming radiation from the sun at those wavelengths after passing through our atmosphere. Thus, does CO2 keep us cooler? What is the net of incoming and outgoing radiation being "blocked," "trapped," or "disappeared?").

"Trapping" and "blocking," eh? Sounds like football. But could something else be going on? How about sucking? What if we think of CO2 molecules as vampires sucking the life out of those little IRs? The football analogy still holds if you are among those who think the NFL sucks.

Just because certain wavelengths in the infrared, IR, spectrum are gone, does that mean they create heat? Remember, IR, as we know it, warms from the outside in. CO2 has the magical power to let those wavelengths in as if there were a special keyhole or secret entrance to The Count's crypt. Can we assume there is no resistance to their entry? If so, little or no heat could result. Why would The Count object to visitors?

CO2 molecules' carbon-to-oxygen bonds are "resonant" at certain IR wavelengths or frequencies (that would be those special ones; juicy little buggers). Wait! What is this "resonant" thing? In radio circuits at resonance, the least heat is generated, and more energy transfer results.

Less heat? "Say it ain't so," James E. Hansen. How about you Michael Mann? Algor, where are you?

So, what could be happening? The CO2 molecules could absorb the IR energy and enter a higher more active state. They might expand. Rapidly expanding gas molecules are the basis for refrigeration. They get cold when released from a compressed state and expand. Does that apply to one expanding molecule?

Let's just assume the one CO2 absorbing that IR energy becomes "stimulated" and begins bouncing off other surrounding molecules like an enraged, beserk, vampirish, three hundred pound NFL lineman on "the juice." Consider certain IR frequencies as CO2 "performance enhancing drugs," PEDs. And we are back to the NFL.

Each CO2 molecule is 57% heavier than any Nitrogen one and 37% heavier than any oxygen one. What part of air do Nitrogen and Oxygen make?

So what could the scenario really be? Do stimulated CO2 molecules blast larger distances between other molecules, creating more openings for running back IR waves to get further down field, further into space? Why does our atmosphere expand? It is not constrained by the walls of any stupid "greenhouse." That's all hoakum. "Green house gas" is a shibboleth. It's the rigid enclosure responsible for the extra warmth in a green house not CO2. Earth has nonesuch.

Hold on! Is Beeman pulling a fast one? Air and the atmosphere are not the same things. (Depends on what the meaning of 'air' and 'atmosphere are,' eh, Bill?). There's a lot of water molecules in the atmosphere that we don't associate necessarily with dry air, at least. And there's more stuff. How many other things percentage wise?

Those water molecules are really puny. A CO2 molecule is 144% heavier than any normal water molecule. That's gross. Those beastly brutes can bully and blast clusters of those water molecules to pieces. Would that spread more water around? Would that water cool? Would more water spread around block more incoming radiation? More outgoing?

The more CO2 molecules that are out there the less chance there is of IRs striking other molecules that would then be warmed.

Are the climate lies important to globalists? Why?

What is General Hayden's position on global warming? (Note: I will eventually get around to posting some prior things I had to say about Hayden that eventually occaisioned this question). Climate lies are an essential part of the globalists' agenda. Climate "accords" were supposed to generate funds for them and knock us down, suck us dry. It is also the rationale to force tighter construction of our buildings and higher indoor CO2 on us that actually caused more energy to be used and resulted in many sick, dumb, fat, crazy, violent, and criminal individuals to further harm us.

How do I know all this stuff? Well, as my momma used to say, "A little birdy told me." You can relax. "Three Little Birds," Bob Marley

Nevertheless, "Stir It Up," Bob Marley

[Fun with numbers: Assuming an average NFL lineman of 315 pounds --- first, as our nitrogen molecule. The CO2 molecule would be 494 pounds. If the oxygen molecule were 315 pounds, the CO2 molecule would be a paltry 431 pounds. And, if the water molecule were 315 pounds, the CO2 molecule would be 768 pounds.

Let's work the last one backwards. If the CO2 molecule were 315 pounds, the water molecule would be a mighty 129 pounds ... dripping wet. Call out the stretcher bearers]!

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