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The Evil CDC

Over forty years of the CDC's and our government's crimes against humanity


Has the CDC ever dealt honestly, transparently, and effectively with any health issue we have faced?

In the 1980s, as I recall, researchers at Washington University, St. Louis, connected the sudden drastic increase of "crib deaths" or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS, to carbon dioxide, CO2. I don't know what the research actually said, but we were told loving parents were responsible because soft bedding and stuffed animals trapped CO2 around babies' faces. Was the CDC responsible for this propaganda, this disinformation? If not, could and should they have come out with the truth? What is the truth? Do you know? The truth didn't matter and still doesn't to health or medical authorities. Heap guilt on the grieving parents. Were soft bedding and stuffed animals something loving parents suddenly discovered?

Also evident in the 1980s, was an increase in a bunch of health problems --- anxiety, panic attack, asthma, allergies, and fibromyalgia., for example, come to mind. There were more. These are the initial ones that were revealed as I recall. Things like dust mites, pet dander, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and radon were blamed. We heard about "sick building" and, later, as more problems arose, a more accurate and revealing "tight building syndrome" was offered. Was the real culprit blamed? No, but carbon dioxide, CO2, was finally allowed into the discussion. Of course not as the problem agent but solely as an indicator of the need for more fresh air. Was the CDC responsible for this sophistry? Did they expose it as such? No! Should they have?

Autism soon showed up on my radar as out of control. Not to worry, the EPA knows the cause. Have you heard their Public Service Announcement, PSA, blaming lead in paint for symptoms that sound a lot like autism. They don't say it. They just want us to infer it. Lead was removed from paint in 1978 about the time tighter building construction was forced on America, and SIDS, autism, many other ailments, and bad behaviors shot up. Should autism be considered as a "near-SIDS event?" Has the CDC corrected the EPA and told them that if lead is involved, it must be a lead deficiency? Biting and chewing on one's self (self-mutilation), furniture, and window sills (where the lead paint used to be) is a symptom of autism and high CO2 not a cause.

Has the CDC or your state or local health department ever told the truth, which was that homes were (and still are) being built that are way too tight? (See ASHRAE 62-1981; 5 cfm versus the old 35 cfm per occupant or 1/7). I believe this was changed back to 15 cfm in 1998 with 62-1998. Lip service is now apparently paid to the 35 cfm, but the national average is 15 cfm (ASHRAE 62-2004), still less than half needed for good mental and physical health and upright behavior. Were those young school shooters raised in such homes and schools?

Did the CDC ever explain the real reason smoking was demonized? There were 15 cfm per occupant of fresh air ventilation added to the 35 in the old days when there were smokers among us. Can you guess why we were healthier, saner, and less violent? Why was COPD invented? Cigarette smoke is a marker, a visual and olfactory "canary in the coal mine." If the smoke doesn't bother you in a crowded or non-crowded room, the air is good, i.e., low in CO2.

Did the CDC scramble the truth about AIDS?

We are constantly reminded some 20% of children, mostly boys, have learning disabilities or ADHD. Berkley Labs has called attention to the fact that higher CO2 in tighter schools impairs learning. This is at the 1,000 ppm minimum tighter construction has forced on school children for over 40 years. The CO2 is even higher in many schools. Ditto for the students' and others' homes. The NIH apparently funded the study and is aware of the results. This is an epidemic. Funny how they pick and choose their epidemics to hammer us with. (Joe Weller, Oregon Lung Association, Half of classrooms over 1,000 ppm http://conspairacy.com/weller.html)

Does the same reasoning apply to PTSD? Of course!

In 1995, we were told we needed to, "Treat violence as a health issue." Who was behind this? It was our caring CDC, of course. Did they explain why? Certainly not. High CO2 causes anxiety, paranoia, and violence in addition to stupidity, and mental and physical ailments. It causes us to suspect and turn against those we are confined with. And the "Anger Management" industry was born, and anger was criminalized. If you react to an offense and fight back, defend yourself, you are the one that will be in trouble.

Why did it take the CDC so long to debunk the vaccine link to autism? Could it be they planted the whole notion in the first place in order to keep people from asking about CO2?

Diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, and food allergies. Do those training for medicine and health still have to learn chemistry? How about partial pressures and the transfer of gases across/through a membrane? (See Fick's Law or Principle). It would appear not, or we would have a lot less of those problems. Higher CO2 means less metabolism can take place. There is also incomplete metabolism, leading to allergic reactions.

Over the past decades, there were so many problems that Americans begged for help. They got the ObamaCare Shafting.

An independent contractor type from Atlanta, GA was referred to North Middle School in Everett, WA by the CDC when it had a high CO2 problem. She immediately tried to tell them they didn't know what they knew. What are the chances she wasn't adhering to the CDC's script? My write up: http://www.conspairacy.com/nmiddle.html

You can bet the same was happening in many schools all over America. Forks had a problem in the 1980s. http://www.conspairacy.com/ltr2sam.html

Please note all of the substances the "expert" investigator checked and didn't find. Was ASHRAE 62-1981 ever rescinded? I was led to believe it was in 1983, but . . . confused. You verify.

Seems any one, especially one in the medical or public health community, could have made the same observations I have. Why haven't they? Are the censored? Threatened?

The same was not true for some Environment Canada men I interviewed. They were uninhibited in informing me that the problem was almost a hundred percent CO2 and not any of the other things.

America has been deliberately set up for destruction. The lessons of the tenements, 1890 - 1920+/- are being used to destroy us. The so-called crowding or over-crowding experiments have been weaponized and used on America. (Universe 25, for example). These were actually CO2 experiment. The CO2 was not controlled or even mentioned. There can be extreme crowding if the CO2 is kept low - Hong Kong, submarines, space vehicles. On the other hand, bad things can be induced in low populations with high CO2.

So, why do we continue on this course when evidence of a huge mistake has been there for all to see for some forty years? Well, ostensibly, we need "efficient" buildings to save the planet from global warming. That's a fraud as I have demonstrated elsewhere in many ways. Besides, recirculated high CO2 air causes us to actually use more energy as any real health expert or scientist could tell you. Think about it. I've explained why elsewhere also. Start with "cabin fever" driving - got to go somewhere, anywhere, just out of here, violence, divorce (another home to be built and heated, perhaps another car and job, another commute, child-care trips),, doctor visits, and so on.

The real reason is the total destruction and take over of America.

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