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The Conspirators

I have been challenged to identify the perps in the CO2 Conspiracy, the biggest crime ever. (I likely didn't name them all).

It at least goes back to the 1950s and 60s with the discredited "Population Bomb" stuff. The people behind and supporting that should be considered prime conspiracy suspects. P.J. O'Rourke's book, "All the Trouble in the World," should be required reading. His chapter on population is excellent.

Moving forward, what chemical could you force on people to make them feel or sense too many others? The 70s seem to be a jumping off point when the claims about "global warming" were made, and man-made carbon dioxide, CO2, was the phony culprit. It should really bother you that the same people who invented anthropogenic climate change also forced us to increase the CO2 in our emissions, screamed loudest about CO2, and then used that to force, cajole, and bribe us to endure higher CO2 in more airtight buildings. They are all prime conspiracy suspects. Did you get to vote with the rest of we Americans on changing emissions to more CO2 from our vehicles? (It's a trick question. Nobody did). Our vehicles are now require to make over 15%, 150,000 ppm, CO2. Were you told that? The EPA and Washington State Department of Ecology are prime players in the conspiracy.

1978 was a big year. Many building codes were changed to meet the new ASHRAE 62-1978 standards, which reduced ventilation rates by over a half. 62-1981 was worse, less than 1/7. Jimmy Carter was President in 1978. He had been a nuclear submarine officer. He had to have known the reason submarines have CO2 scrubbers. He must have been instructed on what rising CO2 can do to men. Even when all the problems, including peanut allergies, with "sick" and "tight" buildings began to be reported, he did nothing. Curious coincidence? Carter, the CDC, and ASHRAE are all Georgian. And they are all part of the conspiracy.

And this is around the time “Peer Review” was also forced on us. Great way to stifle truth.

Jump to the present. We've had at least 44 years of this evil. Where was the FBI when there have been millions of indoor CO2 damaged and dead children and adults? Within the FBI are members of the conspiracy, or this could not have happened, nor could all the grant fraud to universities and professors. Student loan fraud would have been exposed decades ago.

Some current players. Barack Hussein Obama and his "Cash for Caulkers" and new regulations for boilers, which mandated more CO2 out the stacks. Then, there was his buddy Cass Sunstein who proposed parolees be utilized to "weatherize" whole neighborhoods at a time. Of course, they wouldn't be "casing" while at work. During at least two of the Presidential Debates, Biden put forth a national "weatherization" plan. Why do you think he wants a shortage of energy and high prices? Will people be less inclined to open a window this winter to reduce the CO2? Is the real reason they are against nuclear likewise? The list of conspiracy members grows.

Do you see the "depopulation" types at work? Can't you discern why they support abortion and homosexuality all the time. Why they enjoy people murdering each other in Democrat controlled enclaves? How about food shortages, buying up farmland to take it out of production? Water shortages? How do you make people sense a shortage of air? Add them all to the conspiracy.

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