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Criminally insane

The earth was once super hot and the air was mostly CO2. If CO2 causes warming, the earth could not have cooled, ever.

Climate lies have driven Democrats criminally insane. They have depopulation murder in their hearts.

For over forty years, their weapon has been the accumulation of excessive exhaled CO2 in tighter buildings. Symptoms: Anxiety, self-mutilation, homosexuality, drugging, suicide, violence. Makes us sense too many others - abortion. Responsible for many physical and mental health and behavioral problems - obesity, diabetes, asthma, food and fragrance allergies, ADHD, autism, and more.

Climate lies are the rationale to force tighter buildings with higher indoor CO2. (Oh, and BTW, this actually results in more energy use).

Gas stoves, 1-12-23

We are hearing suddenly about the dangers of fumes from gas cooking stoves. They and gas furnaces within the occupied portion of homes have been with us for decades.

Why are we hearing this now? Is it to distract us from more important things? Is it to cover up what the real problem is with another red-herring (dust mites, pet dander formaldehyde, radon, carbon monocide)? Or, even, as it may seem, another attack on fossil fuels?

If you have been paying attention (see The Evil CDC), these problems became quite common place with tighter building construction that was forced on us beginning over forty years ago. Since then we have been bribed, cajoled, and still forced to make homes even tighter. "Weatherization." "Cash for Caulkers."

But, how do you explain the fact that the problems are prevalent in homes without gas stoves and/or furnaces?

These problems can be found in any home, school, or other enclosed space with insufficient fresh air ventilation because of the build-up of excessive exhaled CO2. The tighter the construction, the more likely there will be a problem. Yes, gas stoves and furnaces can contribute to the problem, but it's a deliberately created problem.

Many years ago, probably in the 1990s, I heard a home improvement show host on the radio addressing a widespread problem with many new tight homes. When the clothes dryer was turned on the fumes from the furnace would be sucked back into the home. His solution was to give the furnace more "combustion air," from a special air supply, presumably No thought to the occupants. Your toddler playing on the floor or baby placed there didn't need more air to breath. Just your furnace.

CO2 is heavier than air, tends to go down to the lowest place, and displace the air there before it slowly disperses. Our bozos in public health can't figure out why there is so much ADHD and childhood asthma. What's on the floor besides your precious kids?

A hood with a good fan over the gas stove top should aleviate the problem. Hot CO2, though heavier than air, will rise enough for the fan to take it out. However the fan is only probably used when there is also smoke from the cooking. Also, a strong fan in a tight home will also tend to suck the fumes from an indoor furnace or gas hot water heater back down the chimney, filling the home just like the clothes dryer. What if both are going at the same time?

"Second-hand" smoke is also mentioned as a culprit in the gas stove fear mongering. There was more such smoke when many people smoked and there were ashtrays in most homes. Why did we not experience the same issues to the extent we are now? Did we have a more civil society back then?

ASHRAE, the CDC, and other entities should be considered and treated as criminal enemies. They need to be punished.

Home Air and Homelessness

If people are choosing to live outside, the simplest reason (Occam’s Razor) is there is something wrong inside. About 1978, rules appeared requiring a reduction in the amount of fresh air entering homes and other buildings subsequently constructed. It was less than half of what was thought to be necessary. In 1981, it was reduced to 1/7th of what had been accepted. In 1998, there was a return to the 1978 rule. The push for weatherization has made the situation worse.

We have been plagued with physical, mental, and behavioral problems since 1978, which is about the time global warming was invented to force us to make buildings tighter. Also around the same time “Peer Review” was launched to stifle the truth.

CO2 does not cause climate change, but the kind we exhale is destroying us in tighter buildings - on purpose. Atmospheric CO2 is the hammer.


It’s not the crowding - how do we know?

It’s the uncontrolled unmentioned CO2.

Ashtrays and the Civil Society, Healthier too

Here's to ashtrays! Feel I should write an ode. I consider the lowly mostly forgotten ashtray to be a symbol of civil society, which seems also to be disappearing.

How many young people have never seen one, an ashtray or a civil society?

Is there a correlation? Is there more? Is there a connection, a direct relationship? Was and is the attack on ashtrays, on smoking, a direct attack on civility, real health, intelligence, and sanity? Furthermore, is it intentional per some evil plan? If it is not, why does everyone, particularly those responsible for our health and upright civil behavior, seem to be ignoring signs? Are there signs?

I can offer one reason that there's this seeming "hear no evil, see no evil" ignorance - it's been damned good for business if you are one of those whose income depends upon problems that can be engineered.

Permit me to modify what I just wrote. The bad results are seen and heard. They are used to justify demands for more funds to "fix the problem." Empires are built treating symptoms and ignoring causes. For example, we now have Drug Court, Family Court, and soon to be Mental Health Court. The government hospitals and medicine and government funded mental health services flourish. Our Sheriff's Department has at least five individuals wearing general's stars. (County of 78,000 +/-). I support officers, but I understand "Defund the Police).

All the while, the cause or source of the problem is diligently over looked, even hidden. That's the hear and see no evil part. So, I ask you, what do you remember, if anything, about ashtrays and smoking? - positive or negative. I recall when there were multiple ashtrays in most American homes and businesses. I recall cigarette smoke as a youth even before filters. (There was a lot of "second-hand smoke"). Was the introduction of filters a first step in the attack on smoking?

Are there more respiratory problems now?

How do you turn Americans against smoking? Against the internal combustion engine? What are the techniques? Similar?

How do you turn Americans against each other? Were smokers and nonsmokers tolerant of each other in the 1950s? What happened?

How many uniformed law enforcement officers in 1950s Washington State sported one or more general's stars?

None! Zero!

Smoking wasn't banned for health reasons. It    was banned to force tighter building construction intended to cause even more health and other problems in order to undermine and destroy us. There can't be tight buildings and smoking too. People notice and complain. Cigarette smoke made us aware of bad air like the canary in a coal mine.

Our tormentors don't want us to be aware or informed that we are slowly being poisoned.

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